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7 cannabis experts make post-legalization predictions

7 cannabis experts make post-legalization predictions After the legalization of cannabis in Canada, what does the future hold for Canada? Recently, a panel of 7 cannabis experts looked through the haze to predict Canada's post-legalization future. For most Canadians, October 17 presents a new dawn. It's the official date when cannabis consumption will be allowed across Canada. Although everyone seems to know October 17 as the date when cannabis will become legal in Canada, most people do not actually know what will happen after the historic day. That's why so many people have lots of questions in their minds as they think about the new regime when weed consumption is finally legalized across Canada. Some of these questions are: What happens to the cannabis black market? Will it die or will it thrive? Will cannabis laws be fair?...

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Dealing with the US border after cannabis is legalized

Smoking weed can get Canadians banned from the US An estimated 400, 000 people cross the border between US and Canada every day which will continue on after the Cannabis Act comes into force in Canada on October 17, 2018. Without a doubt, the new laws have left many Canadians worried as far as cannabis use and travel across the border are concerned. We've compiled answers to frequently asked questions regarding travelling with cannabis across the borders of US and Canada. Can I bring marijuana across the border into the US? The answer is no. You are not allowed to cross the border US/Canada border while in the possession of cannabis. And it doesn't really matter from which side you're coming from. Cannabis is still illegal in the United States at the federal level. Alternatively, once cannabis is legal in Canada,...

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How marijuana legalization will affect travel within Canada

How cannabis legalization will affect travel within Canada It's illegal to cross the Canadian border when in possession of cannabis. Even after the country passed laws that eventually legalize recreational marijuana, it remains illegal to either enter or leave Canada with cannabis (of course, it remains illegal in the United States as well), even if it's for medical purposes. According to Under the Cannabis Act, the legalization of cannabis in Canada will not change Canada’s border rules. Taking cannabis or any product containing cannabis into Canada will remain illegal and can result in serious criminal penalties both at home and abroad. But what about domestic travel within Canada? A bus company, a rail line and an airline were all recently interviewed to understand the implications of travelling with cannabis within Canada once the Cannabis Act comes into effect on...

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9 Ways to Enjoy Cannabis Legalization According to Bill C-45

9 Ways to Enjoy Cannabis Legalization According to Bill C-45 Now that Bill-45 has received Royal Assent and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announcing the date of October 17th, Canada is now getting closer to the day where Canadians can celebrate legalized recreational marijuana. We have compiled ten of the best ways to enjoy the upcoming marijuana legalization in Canada according to Bill C-45. Home cultivation Cultivating some of your own cannabis plants is definitely a cool way of celebrating the legalization of weed in Canada. Just make sure you get your seeds legally and keep in mind that the legal limit for recreational marijuana will be four plants per household. Also, it's good to make sure that your weed stash is nowhere near minors. If you are a resident of Quebec, Manitoba, Nunavut, or any other province that restricts it by applying...

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Marijuana legalization in Canada set for October 17th, 2018

Trudeau says pot will be legal by Oct. 17, 2018 Justin Trudeau announced that recreational marijuana is now legal in Canada, starting Oct. 17, 2018. Trudeau told reporters that the legalization of cannabis will not take effect as early as envisioned by the House of Commons because provinces need additional time to get their physical and online stores up and running. “Producers also need time to prepare for the successful implementation of this regime,” he said. “We hope it will be a success in the way we envisaged.” The federal government was primarily responsible for dismantling key aspects of the Criminal Code to give way for Canadians to freely and legally take possession, consume or sell marijuana to adults. After the federal government passed the law legalizing marijuana, it passed on the baton to the provinces and territories, which will implement and...

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The Risk of Pot-Impaired Drivers in Canada

The Risk of Pot-Impaired Drivers Now that marijuana will be legal in Canada, there is a whole other discussion going on now: The risk of pot-impaired drivers in Canada. What is the risk of drivers under the influence of weed? This April 20th was a true celebration in Canada as people wait for the legalization of marijuana later this year. Some are celebrating but others are asking a serious question regarding the danger that marijuana can pose on the road. A new study shows that traffic accidents increase on 4/20, this study co-authored by Dr. Donald Redelmeier, suggest that in the United States, deadly traffic accidents are higher on this “holiday” than drunk drivers accidents on Sunday Bowl Sundays. As Bill C-45 lumbers through the Senate, a new debate has started about accompanying this Bill with a set of penalties and procedures...

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Marijuana Legalization Bill C-45 Passes on the Senate in Canada

Marijuana Legalization Bill Passes on the Senate This Thursday, the Senate approved in principle the federal government’s bill for the legalization of recreational marijuana. This is one of Prime Minister Trudeau’s most popular election promises with the bill passed after a few days full of tension. The vote was 44 to 29 and the next step will be waiting for five different Senate committees to go over the bill and give their recommendations. This will not be the last step as an upper house final debate is needed and also a final vote; this is expected to happen by June 7. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asked the senators to pass the bill, saying that if it didn’t happen, illegal use of cannabis will continue without any benefits of federal regulations. "It does not protect our young people, and it sends billions...

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Marijuana: The Next Economic Boom in Canada

Recreational Marijuana: The Next Economic Boom in Canada Like the nine lives of a cat, marijuana is a complete narrative with as many intrigues as the world could trigger. Some 20 years ago, marijuana was taboo. In fact, you could earn yourself enough years in jail cells if you were caught with it. Way back in the 70s, the sentence was even longer for the same encounter with the authorities. In particular, your reward for being as careless as to being caught with the grass or other narcotics in the Great White Northern parts was seven years in prison. Wait, we were talking about a scenario when you met the most merciful judge on a ruling day. Otherwise, some pretty mean ones could consign you to oblivion for the same crime. In other words, the maximum sentence could have been as maximum...

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Cannabis Lounges in Canada: Ontario Government Requests for Public Feedback

Cannabis Lounges in Canada: Ontario Government Requests for Public Feedback as Marijuana Legalization Gets Closer The Ontario Government is considering allowing cannabis lounges in Canada. The recreational use of marijuana will become legal in Canada in July of 2018. The provincial government has been seeking public opinions on this idea. In Fall of 2017, the provincial government outlined rules for the sales of cannabis. The provincial government plans to sell cannabis in 150 stores through the Liquor Control Board of Ontario. Buyers must be at least 19 years old, and it would be illegal for them to consume marijuana in workplaces and public spaces. Some municipal politicians and cannabis activists are being very optimistic about this proposal but say the provincial government has been too strict about the legal consumption of marijuana when announced. On 18 January 2018, the Ontario Government...

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The Approach of All Provinces Towards Marijuana Legalization in Canada

The Approach of All Provinces Towards Marijuana Legalization in Canada On July 1st 2018, recreational marijuana will be legalized all across Canada. This will be a day to remember for a large number of Canadians. With a majority of the provinces and territories throughout Canada outlining their plans for marijuana legalization in Canada after countless discussions, meetings, and surveys, we've broken down the plans for each province and territory in Canada so you know how marijuana legalization will affect you. British Columbia In British Columbia, one must be at least 19 years old to purchase and use recreational marijuana. Both private and public retail outlets would carry out legal sales of weed. It is still yet to be determined how the retail model for British Columbia will play out in the west-coast province. However, the retailers in the province can only purchase...

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