In short THCA diamonds, known amongst professionals as THC-A crystalline, is a highly potent form of cannabis concentrate that can boast up to 99.9% THC content. Currently, THCA diamonds are the strongest form of cannabis on the market and truly pack a punch.
The marijuana industry has grown exponentially in the past few decades. Concentrates especially have become increasingly popular over the past few years – none more so than diamonds and shatter. If you, too, are a new convert to concentrate culture and are looking to buy diamonds concentrates online, look no further than HighClub. Like all of our products, we pride ourselves on the quality and affordability of our diamonds and have worked hard to establish ourselves as the go-to online market to buy diamonds concentrates.
Buy THCa Diamonds online with HighClub: The best online dispensary Canada for your cannabis needs. For every $710 we offer you a free gram of THC-A Diamond!

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AAAA+ Super Sour Diesel Caviar


AAAA+ Pink Tuna Sugar Wax


AAAA Bruce Banner Sugar Wax


AAAA+ Pink Death Diamonds


AAAA+ Super Silver Haze Caviar


AAAA Zookies Budder


AAAA+ Gorilla Goo HFTSE Diamonds


AAAA+ Glitter Titties HFTSE Diamonds


AAAA+ Diamonds By Valley Farms – 1 Gram Packaged

AAAA+ Bubble Burzt Diamonds


AAAA Chemo Micro Diamonds


AAAA+ Snow White Micro Diamonds