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Three Major Canadian Stocks to Soar With Legalization of Marijuana

How Marijuana Legalization in Canada will Lift 3 Major Companies From time to time, massive opportunities for investment arise within Canada. And there is obvious excitement in investors with recreational marijuana set to become legal in Canada by July 2018. The landscape of the industry is constantly changing on a daily basis, and it has been hard to keep up with the number of acquisitions, partnerships, production agreements, financing agreements, and regulations that are being announced. Obviously, weed legalization in Canada will have a huge effect, especially on the top marijuana stocks in Canada, which shows great potential for the country’s economy and investors, which may be beyond the expectation of the industry and investors alike. If all goes as planned, in less than six months, recreational marijuana will be legal in Canada. The innovative marijuana companies popping up...

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Marijuana Stocks in Canada: Is It Time for Investors to Cash Out?

Marijuana Stocks in Canada: Is It Time for Investors to Take Their Profit? Disclaimer: This is not investment advice of any sort and not the views of myself or anyone at HighClub. We are sharing insights and opinions of people within the industry.  The year 2018 is very interesting for the investors of marijuana stocks in Canada. Many licensed producers of cannabis believe that the expectations of investors are too high with marijuana legalization in Canada scheduled to take place this year on July 1st. Recreational marijuana is a rapidly growing market in Canada, and several investors have huge investments in weed stocks in Canada. Reality vs. speculation Some of the executives of the Canadian marijuana industry are saying that they've realized that it can be hard to justify the valuations of the marijuana stocks in Canada. It’s important that investors have an...

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