Marijuana Legalization in Canada

9 Ways to Enjoy Cannabis Legalization According to Bill C-45

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9 Ways to Enjoy Cannabis Legalization According to Bill C-45

Now that Bill-45 has received Royal Assent and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announcing the date of October 17th, Canada is now getting closer to the day where Canadians can celebrate legalized recreational marijuana.

We have compiled ten of the best ways to enjoy the upcoming marijuana legalization in Canada according to Bill C-45.

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Home cultivation

Cultivating some of your own cannabis plants is definitely a cool way of celebrating the legalization of weed in Canada.

Just make sure you get your seeds legally and keep in mind that the legal limit for recreational marijuana will be four plants per household.

Also, it’s good to make sure that your weed stash is nowhere near minors.

If you are a resident of Quebec, Manitoba, Nunavut, or any other province that restricts it by applying the Doctrine of Paramountcy, you’re excluded from the fun of growing your own weed.

In these provinces, Federal and Provincial legislation seem to collide in a confusing situation.

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Possession limits

If you decide to lock yourself in the house to enjoy your joint, remember to always keep the dried ganja in your jar. Luckily for cannabis enthusiasts, the Senate threw out the amendment that imposed a 30g limit on the amount of dried weed per household.

You now have the rights to stockpile like you just heard of an apocalypse because law enforcers can do nothing about it right now.

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Social sharing

Now that you’ve stashed lots of weed in your home, why not share it out and spread the wealth. The law doesn’t charge young adults for passing a joint to anyone who is two years younger than them.

The downside of this is that you risk possible jail or a criminal record if the youths decide to share their joints with their friends who are more than two years younger. Or if they pressure you into parting with more than five grams of your cannabis stash.


If you have young ones at home, there’s no need to worry about having to choose between your bud and your kids. An amendment that could bar you from smoking a joint in a home with children under 16 years was thrown out by the Senate. So, it’s now legal to enjoy your joint at home with your family in the house.

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Age limits

For those looking forward to their 18th birthday so they can buy cannabis legally, the wait is over. The Senate also threw out a pair of amendments that sought to raise the minimum age for buying weed.

Unfortunately, if you are in BC, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, or Newfoundland and Labrador, you’ll need to be 19 years old to legally purchase weed.

Yukon, Nunavut and Northern territories youth are not spared either as these territories will be raising the minimum age for buying cannabis at 19 years of age.

Buying in stores or online

Now that the Cannabis market is moving from illicit to legal, are you wondering how your buying habits might change?

Senator Ratna Cmidvar, who has ‘watched every TV show to know’, says it’s easy to make the transition from an illicit to a legal weed marketplace.

He goes on to say all you needed to do before was to contact a local dealer, then stand on a street corner where someone hands you a bag full of stuff which you don’t know what it contains.

“You don’t know whether it has THC or CBD, or it’s laced with any harmful stuff. It worries me. It’s like purchasing a pig from the poke.”

With the passing of the bill, you will now be able to buy weed in Canada in government-run stores or in some cases, private dispensaries, as well as from online dispensaries in Canada. Quite the change from the past.

THC Limits

Every bag of weed will have a label that shows its THC and CBD levels. To get the best celebratory experience, you should maybe think of choosing a lower-dose strain, which will be helped by the proposed THC limits of legal weed in Canada.

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Edibles and extracts

If you don’t want to smoke weed, there’s some bad news for you. It’ll take at least a year before extractions and edibles become available in the legal market. New products will have to go through a rigorous process, just like the Bill C-45 itself.

Being patient can be counted as a fun way of celebrating, right?

Branding and marketing

For those who prefer drinking to smoking; they can celebrating legalizing of cannabis by playing a drinking game:

Listen to a live stream from the Red Chamber and take a shot every time a senator says the word ‘swag’. Just make sure you don’t drive after this.

The reason for the Senate kept mentioning “swag” is because the Bill bars Licenced Producers from branding and selling merchandise of their own.

We hope that you’re as excited as us for the legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada on October 17th, 2018.

Share some ways you’ll be celebrating on October 17th below! 

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  1. Emily says:

    How can one enjoy it if you are not allowed to smoke it anywhere unless you own your own physical house?

  2. Tim says:

    I thought in Ontario you could only grow 4 plants per household and are limited to 30 grams.

  3. Isabelle says:

    Will I be able to order edibles, CBD oil and more from the States, (from Québec, Canada) ?

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