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Marijuana: The Next Economic Boom in Canada

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Recreational Marijuana: The Next Economic Boom in Canada

Like the nine lives of a cat, marijuana is a complete narrative with as many intrigues as the world could trigger.

Some 20 years ago, marijuana was taboo.

In fact, you could earn yourself enough years in jail cells if you were caught with it. Way back in the 70s, the sentence was even longer for the same encounter with the authorities.

In particular, your reward for being as careless as to being caught with the grass or other narcotics in the Great White Northern parts was seven years in prison.

Wait, we were talking about a scenario when you met the most merciful judge on a ruling day.

Otherwise, some pretty mean ones could consign you to oblivion for the same crime.

In other words, the maximum sentence could have been as maximum as it could get. I mean, in the time that I was attending higher education, 20 years was a natural prospect if you found yourself in such a situation.

Times Have Changed

There were days when movies such as Reefer Madness sent cold chills down your spine at the prospect of puffing marijuana.

It was psychological warfare.

Times and people change; even people’s thinking patterns change. It is as amazing as it can be.

In fact, I think that it is obsolete to say that attitudes towards marijuana are changing.

The whole wide world, especially in America has turned marijuana from villain to hero.

A good number of jurisdictions have even legalized not only the use of marijuana but also its sale for recreational use.

States are looking to reap from marijuana trade; with the money being used for good things state-money can buy its citizens; hospitals, medicines, and even schools.

What a dramatic turn of events!

In fact, the police, in time, began to look as if they enjoy the smell of the green Ganja.

I think the public simply followed suit or was it the other way round? Well, it does not matter.

The point is that arrests emanating from being caught with marijuana became extremely rare.

The police who had been users of the prescribed plant in high secrecy, could sometimes light up the thing and puff their way to work; as long as they were sure, the sheriff wasn’t watching.

The evolution happened right before our eyes.

Soon, the politicians and the workers dropped their guard against marijuana.

One surprising entrant into the acceptance stance was the professional; but when the politicians joined the fray, you bet, the game had changed.

The Lure of Tax Revenue

Someone somewhere in their midst must have sensed a loophole in the tight grip against marijuana.

It is hard to tell whether the idea was informed by some selfish interest of a marijuana user within their ranks, or whether it was just an ingenious way of collecting more tax from some illegal trade that was a hard nut to crack by authorities, anyway.

The politicians changed the tune.

In fact, some of them were the same old ones that had wished a life sentence for that young or old dude caught trying to while away their worries with marijuana smoke.

Politicians must have smelled a fortune; it will probably never be known for sure.

Marijuana the Medicine

As true as religious books promise, it is possible for scarlet red sins to be washed away, and one could become as white as snow.

Well, perhaps, that’s a little adrift, but a similar development occurred about marijuana.

Just like Saul in the Holy Christian Bible repented and became Paul, the dreadful marijuana was also christened cannabis.

The only difference is that if marijuana was intoxicating, it was still as potent as it had been before it was baptized “cannabis.”

Cannabis was a friendly and, perhaps more acceptable reference to the once demonized stimulant. So, in a way, perhaps marijuana got a lot more than the Biblical Saul could have possibly got. It had not changed.

In fact, people had tried to change it, but it remained true to its characteristic potency.

If you thought that the process of baptizing marijuana was over, you are dead wrong.

Soon, marijuana was even granted some medical characteristics; which meant that as opposed to destroying human health and life, it was a medicine that could save the same life it was claimed to destroy.

The dramatic circus surrounding marijuana had yet to reach its climax. So the term “medical marijuana” was coined.With the inception of medical marijuana, came a whole new evolution and a fresh industry.

The circus is even more comical, considering the way investors raised their necks to have a clear view of the new kid on the block.

So, marijuana was the better of the evil, compared to other drugs such as cocaine and fentanyl!

Marijuana, I mean, medical marijuana entered the stage as the compassionate option.

There was no incentive for hiding pot any longer.

In fact, it seemed as if the world had suddenly exonerated users of any perceived evil by association or direct indulgence with marijuana.

Marijuana was christened medicine.

So why not treat some persistent and chronic ailments we had been treating in secrecy, after all.

Welcome to new Marijuana, your all-time recreational and natural healing solution.

Some traders would go on to state how marijuana was simply pure medicine with no adulteration or alteration. Many people bit into the brand new marijuana apple. You bet their teeth are still stuck in there.

Marijuana Defying the Odds

While we were still trying to figure out whether the evolution of marijuana was fact or fiction; and whether it could heal any disease, in Canada, Dycar Pharmaceutical Company announced that it was waiting for the approval to put up a medical marijuana health outlet worth $8 million.

The plant slated for construction in Cranbrook is expected to generate at least 200 new jobs.

In a statement, the company president Mr. Dylen Wannop highlighted the fact that the city of Cranbrook had extended kind support, and was the ideal location for the construction of the plant.

The plan to build the medical marijuana factory seems to be favoured by the authorities.

The mayor of Cranbrook agrees with the plan and states that he does not see why the planned construction should not proceed.

Take it or leave it, medical marijuana has changed the reputation of marijuana.

Townspeople want jobs. The authorities want revenue.

Meanwhile, Dycar has its full production and operational plan already thought out and waiting. The company expects to go into full production before the year ends.

Medical marijuana is a reality across the globe. It is a matter of time before Dycar also starts producing marijuana for recreational purposes.

However, the Canadian Medical Association raised its concerns with the House Standing Committee on Health. CMA points out that it is concerned about the risks associated with the use of marijuana in smoked form. They say that cannabis is likely to harm young people and children.

The Unanswered Question

Marijuana has gone through quite the journey to reach its current status of upcoming legalization looming sometime this summer in Canada.

It’s now touted as quite possibly the next economic boom to take place in Canada, and for good reason.

Statistics Canada has already released a framework to which it will use to measure estimates of the consumption of marijuana within our country.

For instance, if one million people consume one gram of marijuana a day at an average price of $8 per gram, total expenditures would total close to $3 billion annually.

A recent survey by Canadian Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug suggests that 3.6 million people aged 15 and over used cannabis in the previous year.

Another estimate by Canaccord Genuity Inc. states that recreational marijuana sales in Canada could reach $6 billion in Canada by 2021.

Remember – Canada’s current economy outputs approximately $21 trillion in expenditures annually.

Pot tourism is another possible source of demand that the state of Colorado has been enjoying since it legalized recreational sales of marijuana.

The recreational marijuana industry will also create thousands of new jobs to help stimulate the economy as well.

In Cranbrook, British Columbia, the locals will get more employment opportunities soon when Dycar puts up the medical marijuana plant.

The same thing will take place across cities and towns across Canada once legalization takes place and retail operations commence and increase operations across the supply chain.

Will recreational marijuana legalization in Canada be worth the economic boom it promises to be? 

Time will only tell exactly how much of an impact it makes. We’re betting on good things ahead for Canada and the legalized marijuana industry.

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  1. When growing Pot is legal:
    Towns and Cities will be vying for the “Pot Hall of Fame Fest” for the provinces and territories and country…Just like the Amazon HQ2 frenzy… but longer lasting and more important.
    During the Fest; They will have to offer “Home Free Zones” just like the duty-free for liquor These Home Free zones will have: No cops, No taxes, lots of PotHeads exchanging and buying FREELY

    Let the nominations begin.
    I nominate Osoyoos BC for the provincial
    If I get elected as Mayor there will be a Home Free Zone.

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