Green Valley is the Finest Smoking Weed in Canada

We are so devoted to the high quality and purity of this weed, we had to acknowledge its name and origin. Green Valley stands for quality and purity. We have been working closely with these BC cannabis farms since 2017….

The head grower at Green Valley Farms is one of the most experienced in the industry. This expert grower maintains an all-natural approach, producing the absolute best and unique strains on the market. Everything on this menu is good. This producer is truly where craft cannabis comes from. Anything they offer will never disappoint.

It is grown with absolutely no pesticides, no growth hormones, and no GMOs.  It is the most luscious, best smoking weed available, and the highest quality weed anywhere. The flower burns smooth tastes amazing, and whichever strain you choose, is incredibly potent.

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AAA+ Strawberry Cough


AAAA Atomic Smalls By Green Valley


AAAA Death Star OG Smalls by Green Valley


AAAA+ El Chapo Mediums by Green Valley


AAAA Jamaican Funk Smalls By Green Valley


AAAA Peanut Butter Breath Mediums By Green Valley


AAAA+ Strawberry Runtz Smalls By Green Valley


AAAA+ Watermelon Zkittlez Smalls by Green Valley


AAAA Watermelon Zkittlez by Green Valley


AAAA Mac Runtz By Green Valley


AAAA Sour Jamaican Lime by Green Valley


AAAA Diablo Death Bubba By Green Valley