Buy CBD Oil Canada with and choose from our large selection of CBD products. It has become very popular now, more than ever, as all cannabis-based therapeutic products are being accepted and known all over the world.

The difference is that CBD is not psychoactive, that means it doesn’t make you feel “high” like THC does. CBD is often derived from hemp, or male cannabis plants and even if it is THC’s cousin, it does not produce the same feeling that most people associated cannabis to produce.

While researchers are still investigating all CBD’S potential for a lot of different conditions, one of the most popular uses for it it’s for pain relief. Multiple studies have found evidence of CBD helping relieve pain and also having anti-inflammatory properties. This makes CBD helpful to treat both acute pain –like possible injuries– and chronic conditions like arthritis.

To find the best CBD Oil in Canada or other CBD-based products in Canada, browse through our inventory below and make sure to check back for new CBD products that we bring in on a regular basis.

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Canadian Edible’s CBD Dropper 30ML


1500MG Janes CBD Tincture – 50ML


2000MG Janes CBD Tincture – 50ML


Janes 30ml Extreme Dosage CBD Oil | 500 MG | 1000 MG


Nectar Botanicals Co. 30ml Assorted Rollers


Canadian Edibles 40 MG CBD : 10 MG THC Gummies (1 Pack) – Grapple


Canadian Edibles 10 MG CBD : 10 MG THC Gummies (12 Pack) – Grapple | Orange Spritz

Canadian Edibles Cannabis Pain Salve 400MG CBD | 5MG THC


Skunkys 500MG CBD Oil Tincture 30ML


Pure Isolate CBD Powder


Unicorn Hunter – CBD Disposable Vape Pen (1.3 gram)


FRSH Hand Sanitizer 75mg CBD