Caviar is one of the many great products available to marijuana consumers. Although you might enjoy using cannabis flower or other cannabis concentrates, weed caviar is still worth buying for numerous reasons.

If you’re a fan of rare and powerful cannabis extracts, caviar concentrate is always a good choice. It often contains THC levels of up to 80% or even higher. As such, it only takes a small dab of cannabis caviar to get a sensational high.

Caviar is also packed with terpenes, making it an aromatic and flavorful cannabis product. If you want to experience the full flavor of your favorite strains, then using them in the form of weed caviar is a prime option.

You can find weed caviar in many strains, so whether you prefer indica, sativa, or hybrid effects, you can find a caviar strain to suit your needs. You can also use these strains in various ways.

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AAAA+ Purple Rhino Caviar


AAAA+ Fucking Incredible Caviar


AAAA+ Granddaddy Purple Caviar


AAAA Critical Kush Caviar


AAAA Goji OG Caviar


AAAA GMO Cookies Caviar


AAAA Super Bubba Caviar


AAAA+ Super Sour Diesel Caviar


AAAA+ Super Silver Haze Caviar


AAAA Wedding Cake Caviar


AAAA Jungle Cake Caviar


AAAA Caviar By Valley Farms – 1 Gram Packaged