Budder is one of the most popular cannabis concentrates, thanks to its incredibly creamy consistency. The texture of weed budder is soft, smooth, and malleable. It sits somewhere between a sappy oil and the snappy consistency of a shatter. Budder is typically produced with solvents, like butane or CO2, which is then completely evaporated in a final purge. The resulting cannabis budder is clean, pure, and potent.

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Panama Red Sugar Wax


Forum Cookies Sugar Wax


AAAA Forbidden Dream Budder


Pink Cookies Crumble Wax


Pine Queen Budder


AAAA Death Bubba Budder


AAAA+ Capital Haze Budder


AAAA Pink Bubba Kush Budder


AAAA+ Girl Scout Cookies Budder


AAAA+ Master Kush Budder


AAAA Amnesia Budder


AAAA Sour Haze Budder