Cannabis oil distillates are arguably the future of cannabis concentrates.

With unmatched purity and sheer versatility, distillate oils provide a clean and potent product with limitless application potential.

Given the sheer versatility of cannabis distillate oils, it’s no wonder this product is worth its weight in gold. Distillation may be relatively new to the current cannabis concentrate market, but rest assured that this well-developed botanical extraction technique is suited to set the paradigm for cannabis extraction and refinement.

If you desire the cleanest, clearest, and by far the most potent concentrate available on the market, cannabis oil distillate may just be the perfect product for you.

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D9 Distillate 91-94% THC


D9 Distillate 88-89% THC


AAAA+ Lemon Haze Sauce


Full Ceramic Cartridges – THC Distillate 1 Gram Grape Smash


Canadian Edible’s Distillate – 1G – Multiple Flavors


AAAA Green Crack Sauce


AAAA+ Mac and Jelly Sauce


House Budget Sauce – Trainwreck


1 Gram THC Jar Distillate by Canadian Edibles


House Budget Sauce – Northern Lights