Sauce is a cannabis extract with a sticky, liquid consistency. Sauce extractions are known for high levels of terpenes, which give them incredibly robust flavor profiles.

Sauce is typically produced using a unique process designed to create a two-component final product: cannabinoid-rich crystals with high levels of THC suspended in terpene-rich oil.

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AAAA+ Bubba OG Sauce


AAAA+ Ghost OG Sauce


House Budget Sauce – Platinum Blackberry


AAAA+ Planet Of The Grapes Sauce


AAAA Tom Ford Bubba Kush Sauce


AAAA+ Gorilla Zkittlez Sauce


AAAA Super Green Crack Sauce


AAAA Sauce By Valley Farms – 1 Gram Packaged


AAA+ Honeydew Sauce


AAAA Jack Herer Auto Sauce


AAAA+ Mac and Jelly Sauce


AAAA LA Kush Cake Sauce