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Light green leaves that are long and thin, the stereotypical marijuana icon. The high from sativa strains are often described as uplifting and energetic. These are great for daytime use and a favorite for medicinal users because of the pain relief properties.

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Amnesia Haze Smalls

AAAA+ Crescendo


AAA+ Sweet Haze


AAAA Frosted Cherry Cookies By Kootenayz Exoticz

$49.00-$160.00 $49.00 - $150.00

AK-47 Smalls


AAAA Ghost Train Haze


Mad Max


AAAA Death Valley OG


AAA+ Chemistree


Baxter Blunts 7 Pack – INDICA | SATIVA | HYBRID


AAA+ Candyland


AAA+ Super Silver Haze Smalls

$54.00-$99.00 $49.00 - $89.00