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Canadian Edible’s CBD Dropper 30ML



Take 1-2 drops daily

Choose between 600 mg or 1200 mg potency

30ML Bottle

1500MG Janes CBD Tincture – 50ML



1500MG High Potency

50ML Bottle

2000MG Janes CBD Tincture – 50ML


Lab Tested CBD Oil 

2 available mg dosages! 

1500MG | 2000MG

Janes 30ml Extreme Dosage CBD Oil | 500 MG | 1000 MG


Extreme Dosage!! 

Research the benefits of CBD and win at health today! 

Available in 2 different sizes
500MG | 1000MG

Skunkys 500MG CBD Oil Tincture 30ML


All of Skunky’s products are made with the greatest care and attention to ensure consistency making sure you always get the very best products. They use the highest quality Lab Tested CBD Distillate that provides you with the many benefit’s of CBD in the purest form.

Canadian Edible’s 4 CBD: 1 THC Dropper 30ML



Take 1-2 drops daily

Choose between 1200:300 mg or 600:150 mg potency

30ML Bottle

Janes 1:1 Tincture 500MG CBD | 500MG THC – 30ml


Get your THC & CBD fix with one single drop!

Many health benefits with a BUZZ

Tincture oil with 500MG THC and 500MG CBD = 1000MG of ALL the good stuff!

Janes 4:1 Tincture 1200MG CBD | 300MG THC – 50ml


Get your THC & CBD fix all in ONE DROP!

1200MG CBD Oil mixed with 300MG of THC Oil 

MANY health benefits with a little BUZZ