How Can Cannabis Soap Benfit your Skin?

You wash your face and hands every day, likely multiple times a day. But what if your soap could do more than cleanse your skin?

Many soaps contain harsh chemicals that strip the skin of their natural oils, and excessive washing could leave your skin dry and irritated. There are many natural soaps available on the market, but none offer the same range of benefits that you’ll find in cannabis soap.

You can find cannabis in a variety of different products from online weed shops in Canada. You’ll see everything from coffee to dog treats and now even soap.

Take your daily skin routine to the next level by adding cannabis soap to your regime.

How Do Cannabis Topicals Work?

Skin is extremely porous and can easily absorb cannabinoids, which is why many brands incorporate cannabis into their topical products. Skin has its own endocannabinoid system, which topical cannabis products will interact with. As the skin absorbs the product, the cannabis will bind to cannabinoid receptors. That said, the cannabis in most topical products won’t enter the bloodstream.

Different Types of Topical Cannabis Products

There are various topical cannabis products available from online weed shops in Canada, in dispensaries, and even from health food stores. Here are some of the most common products you’ll find:

What Are the Effects of Cannabis Soap?

Before you read any further—no, cannabis soap will not get you high. Since the cannabinoids in the soap (either CBD, THC, or both) will not reach your bloodstream, you won’t experience the same effects you’d get from smoking cannabis.

It’s more likely that you will experience effects similar to aromatherapy, such as using essential oils, and the effects will depend on the strain of cannabis in the soap. A high-sativa soap may give you invigorating sensations, where an indica soap will provide a more relaxing experience. You could compare these effects to those of lemongrass oil for invigoration and lavender oil for relaxation.

The Medicinal Benefits of Topical Cannabis

Cannabis, on its own, has an extensive list of potential medicinal benefits. While using cannabis topically has a different effect on the body, it still offers many helpful benefits. Here are some of the most promising benefits that topical cannabis products can offer.

  1. Antimicrobial

Recent research suggests that cannabinoids may have antimicrobial properties. This is hugely beneficial for the skin, as it can help to both treat and prevent skin diseases. As a soap, it can slow and kill microorganisms including fungi, bacteria, and viruses. You can find other antimicrobial soaps, but the majority use chemicals. Cannabis soap is entirely natural.

  1. Anti-inflammatory

Cannabis is an anti-inflammatory, which is why many people inhale or ingest it to treat chronic pain. The same principles apply to cannabis used topically. The anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis are very beneficial to the skin and help protect them from damage. These products can be especially useful for those with inflammation of the skin such as dermatitis, psoriasis or eczema.

  1. Relaxation

If you use a cannabis topical that is indica-based, it can help you to relax and unwind. It is helpful for anyone who experiences anxiety or is stressed, though it won’t have as extreme an effect as inhaling or ingesting cannabis.

Using a cannabis soap coupled with a warm bath or shower can be very therapeutic. The heat will open your pores, allowing the cannabis compounds to absorb more thoroughly. This combination can set you up for a peaceful night’s sleep.

  1. Pain relief

If you have sore muscles or joints, a cannabis topical could help you to reduce the pain. Rub a cannabis salve or balm onto your problem areas and leave it to absorb into your skin thoroughly. You can do the same with a cannabis soap, though it may not have the apparent effects as with a leave-on topical.

How Can Your Skin Benefit from Using Cannabis Soap?

Beyond the medicinal benefits of using cannabis soap, there are some other perks for your skin specifically.

  1. Natural

Many soaps contain a range of ingredients that you can’t even pronounce. Although these chemicals may be FDA-approved, that doesn’t mean they are right for your skin. Cannabis soap is a natural alternative to chemical-based bar soaps. You still get the cleansing benefits of a regular bar of soap but without the chemicals. It’s a natural option for those who want to put only quality, plant-based compounds on their skin.

  1. Hydrating

CBD is becoming very popular to treat those with dry and itchy skin. It has soothing properties, helping to calm the skin and minimize skin sensitivity. It helps skin restore its natural balance, normalizing it from environmental damage such as from air pollutants. If the skin is irritated or red, a CBD soap or lotion can reduce it.

  1. Anti-ageing

Cannabis topicals, including soap, can help to brighten dull skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. These anti-ageing benefits are highly sought after among those looking to revitalize their skin. This is because of CBD’s antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help fight free radicals by neutralizing them, so they cannot break down the skin cells. Cannabis topicals may have the same effect.


  1. Anti-acne

Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis, it can be handy for treating acne-prone skin. Not only can it calm inflammation and redness caused by acne, but it can even reduce sebaceous activity. The sebaceous glands produce oil on the skin, and when they are overactive, they can become clogged. Cannabis soaps can slow down the oil production of the glands and thus reduce the frequency of breakouts.


Can You Buy Cannabis Soap from Online Weed Shops in Canada?

Cannabis soap is becoming an increasingly popular topical product. You can buy it from many online weed shops in Canada, local dispensaries, health food stores, or even your local supermarket. As the demand grows, this product is sure to appear on even more shelves near you.

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