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AAAA Sour Crasher by Kootenayz Excoticz

Sour Crasher (Sour Tangie X Wedding Crasher)

All very dense, strong citrus smelling buds! Typical Kootenayz Exoticz crystals that glisten from the outside right to the center of the buds!


AAAA White Fire OG (WIFI)

Nice NUGS!

White Fire OG (also known as WiFi OG or simply WiFi) is a hybrid marijuana strain known for its uplifting and cerebral effects. White Fire OG is made by crossing Fire OG and The White. This strain features notable aromas that are sour and earthy. Consumers say that White Fire OG is ideal for social and cretive activities without leaving you drowsy. One Leafly user notes “WiFi OG is probably my number one strain. It helps massively with my anxiety. It’s a very energetic and bubbly high for me.” Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to treat anxiety, depression, cancer, glaucoma, pain and appetite loss. The appearance of this strain resembles a dusty snowfall of crystals. According to growers, many phenotypes of White Fire OG exist, some with dense, barrel-like buds and others with pointed, conic formations. Growers of White Fire OG can raise their high-yielding plants indoor or outdoors with a 65-day flowering period.


AAAA Rip Tide Smalls



Rip Tide is a delectable sativa, With a classic sativa structure but a surprising nose, this pheno is sure to entice all sativa lovers. Any cross containing a Jack strain is sure to pack a punch of sativa terpenes but Riptide has a great follow up of flavors brought by the Sour Tsunami’s pungent diesel aromas.


AAA+ Death Bubba Smalls

Fresh batch of BC’s Finest Strain!  Sticky-icky, extremely potent, knocks you on your ass! 

**Not for the faint hearted!**

This dank bud boasts an insanely high THC level that ranges between 25-27% and effects that can end in an almost death-like sleep.




AAA+ Black Gas Smalls


Black Gas is an alluring BC legend that is known for its Long-Lasting and sensational relaxing effects.

Black Gas is a pure Indica which is created by crossing The Black Strain with Gas Mask. The nose of this strain resembles a heavy diesel fuel and crisp pine leaves. This strain is great for pain relief and deep relaxation. Not recommended for amateurs.


AAAA Ghost Train Haze

Ghost Train Haze is one of the most intense strains that has ever been introduced to the marijuana universe. This strain is not for the novice Toker; after all, Ghost Train Haze was named the “Most Potent Strain on earth” by High Times magazine in 2012.
This strain derives from Ghost OG & Neville’s Wreck, creating an insane 27% THC level.


AAA+ Sugar Cookie

sugary large buds, smell amazing, tastes great =)

Sugar Cookie buds have dense long bright neon green nugs with vivid orange hairs and a coating of chunky amber colored crystal trichomes. The Sugar Cookie high is just as addicting as the flavor, with full-bodied effects that are great for ending a long and stressful day when sleep just won’t come. 

AAAA+ Dosi Cookies by Kootenayz Exoticz


DosiCake combines Do-Si-Dos and Wedding Cake, giving us a new Kush cultivar. It hits your body with a potent relaxing effect that’s not too sedating.


AAAA Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies by Kootenayz Exoticz


Limited Quantities!!

Thin Mint Cookies, as former is also known, is a cross of the legendary Girl Scout Cookies, the even more legendary OG Kush, and F1 Durban Poison. That combination makes for a potent, near even balance of sativa and indica genes (exact sativa/indica ratio unclear).


AAAA Pineapple Chunk

Pineapple chunk strain is another unique, mostly indica based hybrid. Two of its most dominant characteristics include a quick buzz and a heavy effect. With its high THC levels (almost 26%) coupled with a 1.1% CBD level, the experience of smoking this is rewarding to say the least.


AAAA Savage Citrus Sunshine


RARE, Skunky and sweet while the flavor is reminiscent of sweet lemons and other citrus fruit.



AAA+ Lemon Pound Cake



This CLASSIC Hybrid hits you hard and sweet at the same time!