Health Benefits of Marijuana

A Guide to Marijuana Edibles. What You Need to Know.

Cannabis as an Ingredient for Food

Now that cannabis is legal in Canada, more people are consuming in a variety of ways, and not all of them like smoking the flowers or vaping the concentrates. Many prefer a tasty alternative–cannabis edibles. The range of edible options is steadily growing. Cannabis has even found its way into gourmet cuisine made by professional chefs.

If a food item has been infused with cannabis, THC, CBD, or cannabidiol, it is cannabis or marijuana edible. It is always best to be informed and knows about the potency, taste, and other aspects of the edible before you partake. Always ask for advice from those providing the product.

There are many processes and recipes for edibles, but like anyone who takes cooking and recipes seriously, a delicious result is always the goal. The connection between food and cannabis is well known and a long-standing fact. The word “munchies” is a well-used term that refers to hunger and cravings. Cannabis edibles bridge the gap and combine the high and the craving at the same time.

Eating and drinking is something that we’re all used to. So, feeling the effects of cannabis without having to smoke the flower or vape is preferable for a lot of people. Although CBDs do not contain the psychoactive effects of THC, CBD edibles allow patients to receive the therapeutic effects discretely.

A Selection of Cannabis Edibles

There is a wide variety of cannabis edibles. The recipes and the food product ingredients used will determine the type of edible that is created. The range of cannabis edibles include:

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Brownies & Treats: Brownies are the most popular edible, a real favourite. They have been a big part of the cannabis community since the ’50s, the most recognized way to eat cannabis. Their flavour and effect can be intense, and the experience does continue to build once consumed. Everything hinges on how familiar you are with cooking with cannabis. Different strains can produce different flavours. High Club also offers cookies (cookies infused with cannabis). They are also graded for potency. They are popular for obvious reasons. They are perfect for those who do not like smoking or vaping, and for those who enjoy eating cookies.

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Chocolate Edibles: Let’s face it. Anything in chocolate is tasty. Many times, cannabis concentrates are infused into cocoa butter and then added to the chocolate. High Club has a wide variety of chocolate edibles. They are made with high-grade flowers and concentrate. It’s about the ingredients. High-quality edibles are made from high-quality ingredients. Our chocolate edibles are ideal for discreet public consumption. 


Candy Edibles: If you have a sweet tooth for cannabis candy, High Club can satisfy that. You can expect our cannabis candy to be just as sweet and luxurious as other premium candy, ours just happens to also have THC and CBD. If you need regular and convenient doses for medical reasons, this solution might be perfect for you. It is delivered and can be consumed easily and discreetly.

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Oral Tinctures: This is a concentrated extract. It is in the form of an oil that is ingested by dispensing a few drops under your tongue and then holding it there for about 60 seconds. Typically, this extract is extremely potent, although they do range in potency. They are all processed in 100% food-grade environments and the buds used are grown without the use of pesticides and are free of heavy metals. They are created for patients, by patients. 


THC Pills & Tinctures: There are some very efficient ways to make sure you are getting your daily dose of THC and CBD. Many prefer not to smell like they’ve smoked cannabis. Whereas it is more difficult to determine how much dosage you receive from bud to bud, gels provide a steadier dosage and a more predictable result. Consuming THC in this manner can be a very effective pain reliever but do make sure that you educate yourself. 

Cannabis edibles have come a long way. It takes many forms and is a tasty way to relax after a long day or a discrete convenient way to ingest during your day.

Consuming Cannabis Is Much More Than a Culinary Experience

The challenge of eating cannabis-infused food is that they are many times quite tasty. And once you get the munchies, you want more. It is very deceptive, especially since the ingestion of cannabis takes longer to achieve the effect. But once you do, many times it just keeps on building. The signals that typically help you determine when you’ve had too much are not there. Your body absorbs it differently. Digestion takes longer than through the lungs or the mouth. Metabolism also determines the rate of absorption.

Effects may occur in as quickly as 20 minutes or as slowly as 3 hours.

The effects might last between 4 to 6 hours.

Metabolizing cannabis makes the effects much stronger, and edibles are frequently made with concentrated cannabis or extracts. So, because of the delayed reaction time, the concentration level, and the temptation to eat more, it is easy to over-do it. Finding the right dose can be somewhat problematic. A good rule is to taste and wait, before eating more.

So What Dosage is Right for You?

It is important to get this right and it is different for everyone. So how should you consume edibles? You can gauge and roughly calculate your dose using dosage charts.

Though you should know that by ingesting:

  • 2.5 MGs of THC, you won’t flip out, you may experience calmness, or for medical patients, relief of symptoms.
  • 3 to 15 MGs of THC is getting into a genuine psychoactive experience.
  • At 50 or more MGs would be a very powerful experience even for regular users and is not for beginners.
  • 100 MGs would be pretty extreme and above recreational use, and more into serious medical use.

High Club Edibles

At High Club, we have an extensive selection of edibles and all of our edible products come in various potencies of THC. The sooner you become familiar with your level of tolerance, the better. We still suggest starting with an experienced friend, in a secure setting.

At High Club, we focus on providing cannabis products at amazing prices with fast & free shipping.

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